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Why do house sales fall through? Avoid rows over fittings – use a TA10 form

Why do house sales fall through? Avoid rows over fittings – use a TA10 form

House sales fall through for all sorts of reasons, and you’d think it would happen in understandable circumstances, like a surveyor finding some structural problem or a problem with the terms of the lease.


But all too often, the sale of a London property can fall through because of something as trivial as a washing machine. I’ve seen it happen and believe me, it has everyone tearing their hair out.

During some property sales, it is not made clear whether an appliance or fitting is being taken away when the seller vacates the property, or whether it is being left behind for the new occupier. Sometimes it isn’t clear whether fixtures and fittings are included in the price of the property, or whether the buyer needs to pay extra for them to be left behind.

Good London estate agents will help you with your fixtures and fittings form

A simple way of avoiding this problem is to use a TA10 form. Also known as the Fixtures and Fittings form, it lists every fixture and fitting to be included in the sale of the property. It usually features a section for each room and a list of likely items, such as the washing machine in the kitchen or fitted wardrobes in the bedroom. It becomes part of the contract of sale and is legally binding, protecting both buyer and seller.

It protects the buyer by ensuring that all the items included in the sale are left in the property for the new owner to use. It protects the seller by clarifying what is included, and saves them from demands for items that were never intended to be part of the sale.

If, on moving in, the buyer finds that items listed on the TA10 have been taken away, the seller can be asked, through the conveyancing solicitors, to return said items. If the items aren’t returned, the buyer can take legal action. In serious cases, the buyer may choose to cancel the sale completely.

Buying and selling property in East London

I’ve been selling property in East London for over a decade. I’ve seen all sorts of problems with fixtures and fittings during the sale of property, and I know how to help you avoid the pitfalls. To sell your property, contact me, Adam Dockley, on 020 3633 4440.


Adam Dockley

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