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Can container gardening help you sell property in East London?

Can container gardening help you sell property in East London?

On my travels around the East End of London, selling property, I’ve seen some beautiful window boxes on both old and new buildings. They make a great impression and definitely contribute to kerb appeal, particularly in flats and apartments which don’t have their own gardens.

Why does kerb appeal matter when you’re selling your London flat?

When you’re selling a flat in London, it’s important to think about what we estate agents call kerb appeal. This is about the exterior of the building, and the impression it makes from the street. It’s very important as it affects the frame of mind the potential buyer is in when they enter the property. If they’re impressed with the front of the property, they’ll walk in feeling positive and mostly see the good points of the flat you’re selling. It may be in good repair and well laid out, but if the outside is a mess, potential buyers will be walking through the front door looking for problems.

It’s easy to think this only applies to houses, but it’s also true of flats. A clean and tidy block with neat communal areas is going to make a good impression – you’ve got nothing to lose by picking up those takeaway menus and having a (polite!) word with your neighbour about where he’s storing his bike.

Window boxes – perfect urban gardens

Like I say, I’ve seen some lovely window boxes this year, outside the flats I’ve been visiting. They can bring a wonderful splash of colour to a drab exterior, and through spring and early summer, there are lots of bright, easy to grow flowers that will thrive in a small space, like pansies, petunias and geraniums.

There are plenty of shade-loving plants too, like lavender and ivy – which, incidentally, are low-maintenance and evergreen, so will look lovely all year round.

Some people even grow vegetables in their window boxes! The National Trust estimate that Britain has over three hundred football pitches worth of growing space on their windowsills – that’s a lot of salad!

If your outside sills are difficult to get to (some windows only open at the top), consider planting some tubs on your balcony. It’ll add to the impression that this is a gorgeous spot to sit with friends on a summer evening, whether you’re lucky with your view or not.

Container gardens make a great impression when you’re selling an East London flat. Even if your flat isn’t on the market, it’s a joy to brighten up your place with a few flowers, as well as doing your bit for the capital’s bee population.

Sell property in East London

At Dockleys, we’ve got decades of experience of selling East End property. To find out how we can help you sell yours, get in touch today on 020 3633 4440.


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