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Virtual property tours – a great solution for buyers and sellers in East London

Virtual property tours – a great solution for buyers and sellers in East London

I’m sure we all remember the days when properties were marketed through local estate agents to people who happened to be in the area anyway. In the absence of the internet, properties were marketed through the printed press and For Sale signs outside houses.

But property marketing has really come on over the twenty years or so that I’ve been an estate agent in East London. The arrival of the internet and property websites was probably the biggest change for the better, but the internet opened up other opportunities for marketing properties to potential buyers. One of the most important is virtual tours.

A great solution for East London’s overseas investors

London, more than any other city in the UK, attracts buyers from overseas. Sometimes these people are looking for an investment property and will never visit it in person, but still understand the best type of investment property in any given postcode and have a clear idea of what they’re looking for. Virtual property tours enable these investors to view a property without ever having to travel to the UK. This is great news for sellers and developers, as they can reach a far wider market than if buyers could only view properties in person.

A time-saver for buyers in London

But virtual tours are not just there for overseas buyers. Even buyers within the capital can benefit from virtual tours. London’s a massive city, and if you’re planning to move from one side of it to the other, or from the outskirts to zone 1 or 2, you might not fancy flogging back across the city to view a property after a hard day at work. It makes a lot more sense to have the initial viewing via a virtual tour during your lunch hour, without having to go anywhere. This is not just easier for buyers, but it’s a great solution for sellers too. Relaxed, happy buyers who didn’t get steered off course by their sat navs (!) are more likely to see the good points in a property and take the first steps towards making an offer.

What happens during a virtual property tour?

I love video and I’ve really started to enjoy conducting virtual tours!

We agree a time when I will be live online, touring the property, and potential buyers can tune in via a link I send out. During your tour, you can ask me questions about the property just as if we were walking around it together, except that we’ll be using online chat.

Use virtual tours to sell your East London property

Virtual property tours are a great tool for marketing homes to as many likely buyers as possible – that’s why Dockleys offers them to buyers and sellers alike. To book a virtual tour, or to find out how we could use virtual reality to help you sell your East London property, give me, Adam Dockley, a call today on 020 3633 4440.


Adam Dockley

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