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Why repeat real estate business means a better service for ALL my clients

Why repeat real estate business means a better service for ALL my clients

As Dockleys celebrates its first birthday, I’ve been looking back over what we’ve achieved. Something that stands out is the amount of repeat business we’ve seen, both with buyers becoming sellers and owners of multiple properties returning to sell and let through our East London estate agency.

A sign of a trustworthy estate agent

Most people don’t buy houses all that often, so getting repeat business in real estate is quite different from other types of brand loyalty. A good example is a couple whom I sold a house to before I set up Dockleys. We built up a great relationship and a lot of trust while they were buying their flat in Canary Wharf, and when the time came for them to sell it, they tracked me down and asked me to put it on the market for them.

Property refit in East London

But the trust works both ways, as this case began to prove. It just so happened that this particular flat just didn’t have the right appeal for buyers, and a total refit was needed before it could be sold. When they realised that someone was going to have to project manage the refit, they asked me to do it because they trusted me. And I said “yes” because I trusted them too. This was the first time I’d offered this service to sellers and I’m glad I could start off with clients I already knew well.

Repeat business helps Dockleys improve

Project managing the refit was a winning situation all round – the clients were happy because the right action was being taken and I was happy to have an opportunity to improve and expand the service I offer. This increased level of service is good news for new clients too – now they can take advantage of my project management skills as well as my property knowledge.

A vote of thanks

So here’s a big thank you to all my clients, past and present. Thanks for coming back to me, thanks for giving me the confidence to try new approaches and deliver an estate agent service that improves all the time. My future clients will thank you for it too!

If I helped you buy or sell property in East London years ago (quite likely – I’ve been doing it for nearly twenty years!) and you’d like to use my property expertise again, you can contact me, Adam Dockley, on 020 3633 4440.

PS – you can watch my video of the Canary Wharf refit here…


Adam Dockley

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