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Selling property in East London – Dockleys joins On The Market

Selling property in East London – Dockleys joins On The Market

We are thrilled to announce that we are now advertising our properties through On The Market, as well as through Zoopla and Right Move. We are currently trialling the site so it won’t lead to any increases in our fees, but it will get your property seen by even more people.

There are lots of reasons why I’m so excited about this. Not only will it increase interest in your property, but it could also help you connect with the right kind of buyer.

Goodbye to the “one other portal” rule

When On the Market was created, it established a “one other portal” rule, meaning that estate agents could only advertise with either Rightmove or Zoopla in addition to OTM. While this encouraged some healthy competition, we are delighted that this rule has been dropped for new estate agents joining the site (like us!). What this means for Dockleys’ vendors is that their properties can be seen by visitors to all three property portals, ensuring your East London property has maximum visibility.

Quality leads

While many of us have window-shopped on RightMove from time to time, On the Market is used almost exclusively by serious property buyers. Estate agents already using On the Market are seeing better quality leads generated – in other words, the people inquiring about property are genuine buyers with whom it will be worth investing our time. It’s better to have three people seriously interested in buying your property than ten time-wasters.

We’ve already had contact from new buyers whom we’ve never heard from via RightMove. This means that different people are using the different portals and your property really is being seen by a wider audience.

New features

Well, they’re new to us, anyway! On The Market has a different layout from other property portals which some buyers respond better to and find easier to use. OTM also has an option to advertise properties three days before they are shared on other portals – this can really create a buzz around a property, as well as reaching more people through the “New and Exclusive” section.

Marketing property in East London

We are delighted to be trialling On the Market and we are quietly confident that our vendors will see the benefits too. To find out more about how we market our properties, give me, Adam Dockley, a call today on 020 3633 4440.



Adam Dockley

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