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Ever dreamed of having a consistent income from your London properties?

Ever dreamed of having a consistent income from your London properties?

As part of our partnership with a new property rental brand, Dockleys are looking for landlords with properties to rent in London zones 1 and 2. We are offering an opportunity to have your properties let out continuously for up to five years to professional, internationally-mobile, pre-checked tenants.

If you’re thinking that that sounds too good to be true, read on and decide for yourself.

Working with landlords in London

Like nearly everyone involved in the London property market, Dockleys and our property partners know that there is an increasing demand for more flexible rental structures with the level of service that millennials have come to demand. But traditional management structures pose a problem – there’s just too much hassle and infrastructure required for a single landlord to do this on their own.

Fortunately, with our new partnership, this is about to change. We are now letting to a property rental brand who will in turn let to pre-checked tenants who are members of their exclusive network. All these tenants are professionals on the move, who need rentals with flexible medium to long-term contracts, but shouldn’t have to go through a ton of fees and paperwork each time they change location.

Equally, we don’t think it’s fair that landlords should have the stress of voids and the worry of finding new tenants again in an otherwise turbulent market. But because the properties are let to the rental company and not to individuals, there are no tenancy breaks and no headaches either.  Our partner company then applies their distinct level of quality and service to build loyalty with their residents, retaining top quality professionals within their network.  This level of care translates into better tenants, well maintained properties and consistent yields for landlords.

What type of rental properties are we looking for?

We hope to be able to rent 200 properties to our partner so we want to connect with landlords who own multiple or single properties. We need unfurnished flats and apartments in Central London and the City, within travel zones 1 and 2, with one and two bedrooms. In particular we would like to connect with landlords with multiple units in the same development.

Let your London property with Dockleys

We believe we’ve found a genuine, well-run alternative to medium-term lets and we want London’s landlords to benefit too. To find out how we can help you achieve a consistent income from your properties, give me, Adam Dockley, a call today on 020 3633 4440.



Adam Dockley

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