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Why buy new-build property in East London?

Why buy new-build property in East London?

Dockleys have been working with a number of developers recently to sell new build property in East London. There are many reasons why newly built houses and flats appeal to buyers, from practical matters like brand new boilers to more emotional ones like being the very first person to live there. In this blog, I’ll take you through the top reasons that buyers choose new build properties.

  1. New build property is guaranteed for ten years

Under the National House Building Council (NHBC) scheme, newly built houses, flats and apartments are guaranteed for ten years. This means that once you’ve moved in, nearly all repairs are covered and you won’t have to pay out for them at all if they occur during the first ten years you live there.

  1. Everything is new!

Moving house can be expensive enough, but buying new build could well give you a rest from large outlays for a few years. Nothing is likely to break and there won’t be any unpleasant décor to cover up. You might have the opportunity to specify your kitchen, bathroom and floor coverings – a chance to make the property yours from the outset and make it a little different from the others in the development.

  1. Energy efficiency

The newer the property, the more energy-efficient it is likely to be. Double glazing and insulation are to be expected, as well as cost-effective, energy-efficient boilers. All this means that your energy costs are likely to be lower than if you lived in an older building – yet another welcome saving.

  1. Help to Buy

New build property within a certain price band can be bought as part of the government’s Help to Buy scheme. Find out more here.

  1. You’re the first to live there

With so many houses pre-owned, it’s easy to overlook the magic of being the first to live in a property. It’s all yours for you to put your stamp on, it will be pristine and untouched. While you’re getting used to the new house smell (all houses smell different – have you noticed?), you can be 100% positive that it’s only the smell of paint and plaster and hasn’t come from any weird habits the previous owners indulged in.

Buying and selling new build in East London

I’ve been helping clients to buy and sell property in East London for well over a decade. I love selling new build and I’m working with a number of developers at the moment – check out the New Homes section of the website for more information.

To find out how I can sell new build on your behalf, or help you buy a pristine apartment, please give me, Adam Dockley, a call today on 020 3633 4440.


Adam Dockley

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