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Selling property in Hertfordshire? Why you should use an East London estate agent

Selling property in Hertfordshire? Why you should use an East London estate agent

Many of you will know that I’m always going on about East London and how much I love it, and when I’m not going on about East London, I’m going on about Hertfordshire, where I great up. But it’s important to understand that I’m not the only link between these two locations. In fact, there is quite a trend of people moving between these areas. For this reason, if you’re selling your house in Bow or Broxbourne, it’s wise to consider using an estate agent that understands this trend.

Why market your East London property in Hertfordshire?

When I was growing up in Hertfordshire, a day in London always started (as it does now) with a train journey from Broxbourne to Liverpool Street. Always arriving on the east side of London in EC2 was where my love for the East End began, and I’m not the only one to experience this. When Home Counties residents reach their twenties and feel the pull of the big city, it’s East London they usually move to. Perhaps you’ve done it yourself.

Savvy East London landlords market their properties beyond East London. They consider the group of people moving to the capital, usually for work, and know that those coming from Hertfordshire are likely to be interested in their rental properties.

Why market your Hertfordshire property in East London?

The move from the Home Counties to the capital also works in reverse. There will come a time when even the most dynamic young professional wants to settle down, have a house instead of a flat, raise a family and possibly some parsnips. When this time comes, East London residents start looking at the home counties and usually follow the most direct route out of the capital. East London people show a tendency to travel north and east for their quieter lives, choosing homes in Hertfordshire towns like Broxbourne and Nazeing.

We want Hertfordshire sellers to be able to tap into this East London interest. That’s why Dockleys connects with buyers and sellers in East London and Hertfordshire alike. We’ve noticed that having expertise and local knowledge of both areas puts Dockleys in a great position for quick property sales at the right price.

Sell and rent property in East London and Hertfordshire

If you’re selling property in Hertfordshire or East London, or have property to rent out, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our offices in Shoreditch and Bow in East London, or our Hertfordshire office in Ware, all on 020 3633 4440.



Adam Dockley

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