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Four reasons to buy residential property in a mixed-use development

Four reasons to buy residential property in a mixed-use development

Mixed-use developments are springing up across East London at the moment. From 250 City Road near Old Street to the Leman Street development, there is a definite trend towards creating residential homes, shops, restaurants and hotels all within one scheme. Whether you’re buying a home or investing in property, there are some real advantages to choosing an apartment in a mixed-use development. I love the community feel of these developments, and there are practical and financial advantages too.

  1. A sense of community

City people are good at sharing, and it’s one of the greatest assets any city has. We use public transport and we dine out; we’re not scared of sitting next to strangers on the bus or at the theatre. But we do sometimes need some help to get to know our neighbours. Fortunately, mixed-use developments promote this – we pop down to the Tesco Metro for some milk, bump into the guy who lives across the hall and have a friendly exchange. Communal open space lends itself so well to “street” parties and other neighbourly events, and some developments even have their own community centres for meetings, clubs and parties.

  1. Amenities on the doorstep

If you don’t feel like cooking and there’s a restaurant downstairs, dinner’s no problem. Some mixed-use developments have hotels attached too – ideal if you have family visiting and you don’t have a spare room. I struggle to think of one of these developments that doesn’t have a corner shop or mini-supermarket – your loyalty card points will be off the scale!

  1. A safe place to live

A criticism of purely residential blocks is that when everyone is at work or asleep in bed, anything can happen. Fortunately, busy places are their own security system. Your block won’t be deserted during the day if people are coming to the shop to get their lunchtime sandwich. If there’s a bar or restaurant, there’ll be people around during the night as well, a good deterrent to any undesireables. Retail and leisure businesses have their takings to protect, so there’ll always be CCTV and security systems in place – security you’ll benefit from too.

  1. Mixed-use developments are a sound investment

A property in a mixed-use development is likely to remain desirable for some time. The commercial facilities at the development mean that the area will probably thrive and attract new buyers, with house prices appreciating too. It’s also good news for landlords and property investors. Apartments in mixed-use developments are attractive to tenants so landlords should have no trouble getting their properties rented out.

Buy, sell and let property in East London’s mixed-use developments

I’m really pleased to see so many mixed-use developments in East London and I have a number available – click over to the New Homes page and see for yourself. Whether you’re buying, selling or letting and you’re interested in mixed-use developments, I can help. Contact me, Adam Dockley, today on 020 3633 4440 to get started – can’t wait to hear from you.


Adam Dockley

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