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Downsizing or upsizing, make your home appeal to the right buyer

Downsizing or upsizing, make your home appeal to the right buyer

One of the most common reason for people to move house is that the house is now the wrong size for them. Huge family houses are just a pain to clean once all the children have flown the nest, while families in two-bedroom flats struggle too, for different reasons. But when we’re selling the properties we no longer enjoy living in, it’s important to show them in the best possible light (even if we can’t get out of them fast enough!).

Here’s my quick guide:

When you’re selling your home, think like a buyer

Maybe you’re making the best of family life in a small flat, but you know full well that your buyer will be a young professional, or a landlord planning a buy-to-let. It’s important to show that this is the sort of place where young professionals would like to live (as you and your beloved did before the kids came along!). Declutter the toys as best you can, and hide the ones you’re not allowed to get rid of. Get ahead with the packing and plan the laundry around the viewings – you don’t want potential buyers falling over the clothes horses!

If you’re downsizing, and selling a house because it’s now too big for you, you have an easier job. If you have rooms you’re not using, they will help you to market your home as a large, uncluttered space that could easily accommodate a growing family. Do remember to check that your redundant rooms are clean and tidy, and keep the lids closed on any toilets you’re not using otherwise the water will evaporate.

Choose your estate agent carefully

I’ve been working as an East London estate agent for decades, and I’ve come to understand the flow of people in and out of London, and in and out of flats and houses. I’m very proud to say I’ve got sellers on my books who were originally Dockleys buyers – they bought their two bedroom flat through me and now I’m selling it for them so they can move somewhere bigger!

But it’s not just flats for young professionals that Dockleys sells. Out in Hertfordshire and Essex, we are selling family houses to people who are looking for more space, and to move out of London.

So if it’s time to sell your big family house and find somewhere more manageable, or if it’s time to move on from your cool East End flat, please get in touch. I’ve got buyers looking for family houses and small flats alike – let me connect you with the right people.

Give me, Adam Dockley, a call today on 020 3633 4440 to get started.


Adam Dockley

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