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Selling property in East London? Make the most of a room with no windows

Selling property in East London? Make the most of a room with no windows

The majority of developers building property in East London today are keenly aware that people like natural light in their homes. Lots of new build property is benefiting from this “trend” but if you’re selling a property that’s older, or one that features a basement conversion, you may well have at least one room that has no windows at all. This might be a bathroom or dressing room, or even a kitchen.

In a property market where natural light is sought after, selling a property with a windowless room can pose a challenge. However, with some good interior design and the right estate agent to sell your property (!), your room can still make a good impression on potential buyers. Here’s how….

  1. Lighting

It’s easy to think that just putting lots of electric lights in the room will counteract the lack of windows. However, it’s important not to go overboard – this is a home, not an operating theatre! You need enough light, but not too much, and you may prefer softer, yellower lights as strong white lights can create a clinical atmosphere. Side lights or uplighters can be used to create a relaxing ambience – remember to put the switches in easy-to-find locations.

  1. Ceilings and floors

It’s easier to light a small room than a big one – in a small room, there are no deep corners for the light to get lost in. With this in mind, you might consider lowering the ceiling in a windowless room to create a space that’s easier to light. Floors and ceilings can be used to reflect what light there is if you choose light-coloured paint or tiles.

  1. Mirrors and pictures

Mirrors are a real asset to a room without windows. Even your room is a kitchen where you wouldn’t expect to find a mirror, you can use mirrored ornaments, or those vintage mirrored adverts to bring more light into your dark room. Mirrored tiles or splashbacks can make a real difference too.

Pictures on the wall can help too, creating an impression of outside even if there is no real view to enjoy.

  1. Natural touches

Even if nature can’t come into your room as natural light, you can compensate by bringing nature into your room in other forms. Plants are always attractive and act as natural air fresheners – low-maintenance, shade-loving aspidistras (cast-iron-plants) are ideal for dark rooms. Artificial plants create a similar effect.

You can also use natural furnishings to bring nature into your dark room. Wood and cane are very effective for chairs, shelving and storage, as well as providing a warm and gentle look.

Sell property in East London

If you have property to sell in East London, consider instructing Dockleys. If your home has challenging features, don’t worry – I can help you make the most of your property. Give me, Adam Dockley, a call today on 020 3633 4440 – I’d love to hear from you.



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