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Bunhill Heat and Power – greener, cheaper energy for Islington homes

Bunhill Heat and Power – greener, cheaper energy for Islington homes

If you’re considering investing in one of the units at the new City Road development, you’ll be glad to know that you could benefit from cheaper heating bills in your new home.

250 City Road is just one of the new developments within reach of Bunhill Heat and Power, Islington’s award-winning local power station located on Central Street. Bunhill Heat and Power already supplies 600 council properties, 200 private properties, 40 businesses and two leisure centres. The new development at City Road will be connected to Bunhill Heat and Power, providing residents with heating from a local source.

Why use locally sourced heating?

Energy prices continue to climb and whether you’re at risk of fuel poverty or not, it’s daft to pay more money for heating than you need to. When heat is supplied by big power stations, a great deal of the heat is actually lost between the power station and your house, while the cost of the lost heat has still got to be covered, hence high energy bills. Frustratingly, the lost heat can’t be used by anyone, and does have a negative impact on global warming.

However, when heat comes from a local source, it travels over a much shorter distance, thereby minimising the amount of heat lost. And because no one has to pay for heat they’re not using, the price comes down for the bill-payer too.

What’s special about Bunhill Heat and Power?

Bunhill Heat and Power generates heat for homes and businesses using gas, electricity and even heat gathered from the London Underground. This is used to heat a massive hot water tank (over 100,000 litres!) and the hot water is pumped round the 800 homes and businesses the energy centre is connected to.

When Bunhill Heat and Power was built in 2012, Islington decided that it should be a long-term project and it was future-proofed accordingly. So new homes being built in the area are now being connected to it, benefiting from locally-sourced heat and enabling the energy centre to run more efficiently.

Impact for 250 City Road

I’m really excited that a development where I’m selling property is going to benefit from this fantastic project. The new residents of City Road are expected to have lower heating bills, as well as peace of mind knowing they’re using greener energy.

If you want to find out more about 250 City Road, please click here to visit the New Homes page.

And if you want to find out more about Bunhill Heat and Power, click here to visit the website or watch the video below – enjoy!


Adam Dockley

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