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What tenants should expect from a property inspection

What tenants should expect from a property inspection

If you’re new to renting, you might be surprised to hear that your home is going to be inspected every six months. In fact, property inspections are a standard procedure listed in the tenancy agreement. They’re a great way of keeping communication open between landlords, tenants and estate agents. They protect the interests of landlords and tenants alike, as well as helping any difficulties to be quickly resolved.

Why are rental properties inspected?

A property inspection is an important part of enabling both tenant and landlord to stick to the tenancy agreement.

If you’re a tenant, the key reason for the inspection is to give you the opportunity to ask the estate agent or property manager questions and raise any concerns. Most property managers (including our team!) can advise on minor maintenance issues, like getting rid of bathroom mildew or keeping Velux windows clean. It’s also a good time to show the property manager any problem areas, like doors that don’t shut properly or loose paving in the patio – it can be easier to show someone than try and describe it in an email!

If you’re able to attend, property inspections are a good way to keep communication open. It’s always reassuring to know who is managing the apartment where you’re living – it’s easier to report an issue if you know who’s going to pick up the phone.

Will you notify me about the inspection?

Yes. We are not trying to catch you out. We want you to know that we’re coming so that you can have a think about any issues you want to raise (we know you have a bit of a tidy up too!). It’s great if you can be there for the inspection, but if not, please let us know beforehand if there’s anything we should be looking out for.

What happens during a property inspection?

The inspection usually takes about ten minutes. The property manager inspecting the property will take notes and might take photographs of anything that needs to be repaired. Our property managers are all very experienced and may spot issues that you hadn’t noticed. The advantage of having your property visited by an expert is that small problems can be dealt with before they become major issues. The property manager will also have a chat with you, if you’re there, and answer any questions or relay them to the landlord.

What happens after the property inspection?

The property manager will write up their notes and produce a report, which will include any photos they took. Copies will be sent to both you and the landlord. This is so you know that issues have been reported and the landlord has accurate information to deal with repairs, as per the landlord’s agreement with the tenant.

A property inspection is nothing to worry about – it’s usually a positive experience and a chance to resolve issues.

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If you have any questions about property inspections, or any aspect of renting property in East London, please give me, Adam Dockley, a call today on 020 3633 4440.



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