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Why buy property in an East London skyscraper?

Why buy property in an East London skyscraper?

I can’t help but feel excited at the new buildings springing up all over East London. The capital’s skyline has changed so much over the last ten years, with new tall office buildings springing up in the City, and residential and mixed-use developments arriving across the East End. Living in a tall building isn’t for everyone, but there are advantages to high-rise living, not to mention some of the best views in the capital.

Tall buildings in East London

There will always be people who question “change” and object to tall buildings, but in fact our bustling capital has been constantly changing since Roman times. Here’s a mind-blowing fact for your next dinner party: St Paul’s Cathedral is London’s original tall building. It’s 111m tall and was the tallest building in London between 1675 and 1967. Since 1967, skyscrapers like the BT Tower and, more recently, the Shard have come to dominate our skyline. However, many buildings we think of as skyscrapers actually come in shorter than St Paul’s, like Dollar Bay in E14.

Some tall buildings are more successful  than others, but with good design and the right location, they can be a real asset to this incredible city.

Why live in an East London skyscraper?

Many people who live in tall buildings love where they live. One of the main selling points, shared by tall buildings in both affordable and luxury developments, is the view. There’s something so exciting about looking out across the urban landscape; seeing so far with just the human eye. It’s easy to see why buyers are prepared to pay for a view. And unless someone builds a very ill-advised building right next to your window, the view will always be a selling point for your flat.

It’s not just about looking down. Being able to see sky from the windows of your flat also has huge appeal for buyers – many people are looking for natural light in their new homes and big windows in a tall building provide just that.

Many new developments accommodate both affordable and luxury housing in one block, with the more opulent dwellings situated near the top. Prices usually rise with the height of the flat but developers sometimes add value by offering exclusive facilities for people who live in the top slice of the building.

I’m seeing an increasing number of tall buildings providing areas to socialise as well as private homes. It’s great that developers have spotted that London’s young professionals need to make friends and have fun – a real boon for people who blow in from the UK provinces and beyond.

Buy, sell and rent property in East London’s tall buildings

Whether you’re looking to move into a home with a view, or you’ve got East London property you’d like to sell or rent, Dockleys can help. Check out our New Homes page here, or click here to find out more about selling and letting.



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