Complaints Procedure – DOCKLEYS

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If you have a complaint that you cannot resolve with the Director responsible for dealing with your instruction, then this note sets out the procedure which we will follow in dealing with that complaint.

In addition, if you have an issue to do with our Residential business, you may go direct to Dockleys website where there is an issues/feedback form you can complete.


1. You should contact:

The Director
Dockley estates Limited
8th floor, One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AA

Tel: 0208 092 9330

Where your complaint is initially made orally, we will write to you confirming our understanding of your complaint and ask you to confirm it is correct before we investigate, or you can send a written summary of your complaint to the Compliance Director.


2. Once a complaint has been received, we will contact you in writing within seven working days to inform you of how we will be investigating your complaint.


3. Within twenty working days of receipt of your written summary, the person dealing with your complaint will write to you, to inform you of the outcome of the investigation into your complaint and to let you know what actions have been or will be taken. In some instances, your complaint may take longer than this to investigate, if so, we will write to you to inform you of our progress.


4. If, in the case of a complaint, the matter has still not been resolved to your satisfaction or had no response after 8 weeks, we will agree to the referral of your complaint to the following:


4.1 Residential and Commercial

The Property Redress Scheme (PRS) ( of which we are a member. We will comply fully with their rules and procedures; however, your complaint must be made to the PRS within 6 months of the Final Management Decision Letter