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We have been working with Adam Dockley for years. First, when he worked for Alex Neil in the Docklands, he did a brilliant job in helping us to sell our flat. A few years later, when he worked for Henry Wiltshire, he successfully sold our flat when we decided to move to Blackheath.

by Geert & Judith Henckens Founder & CEO , Beenders

Having know Adam for some time now in a professional capacity, I have found his advice always inspiring. Having a sound knowledge of London property, where to invest, and which sectors are growing, he has always 'come up trumps', firstly on finding me properties I have enjoyed living in.

by Colin Gold Founder & CEO , CDG design London

I first met Adam Dockley 4 years ago when I was helping 5 overseas buyers who wanted to invest in London property. With his guidance and recommendations we were able to secure 10 properties. With his knowledge and expertise Dockleys will be a great success.

by Martin Turner

Adam is not your typical estate agent, and that's a great positive. I first met Adam when I purchased a property in 2012. We maintained a relationship and have worked together on various occasions. I now consider him a friend, not just my agent. Adam is knowledgeable of the industry and works effectively to get results. I always feel I'm in good hands when dealing with him.

by Csilla

Choosing your home could be a very stressful experience but I was very lucky to have Dockleys taking care of me. Not only it was stress free but I actually had fun! The moment when I realised that I'm dealing with property passionate professionals was when I felt the difference in attitude between Dockleys and other agents I've dealt with. I moved to London not long ago and when I was saying to other agents that I am not familiar with areas around here in most of the cases I was told to "trust me I know better". In contrast Dockleys actually took time to show me around London so I can make up my own mind. Considering how picky I am Dockleys have dealt with each of my requests with nothing but patience and help. Dockleys would be the only place I would trust to find exactly what buyers need and prioritise their needs above anything else.

by Daryna Milgerska

Very Professional Service. Adam is a down to earth person who gives the reassurance that you need with great communion throughout the process, professional and very helpful. Would highly recommend dockleys

by Trevor

Adam is amazing to work with, understood that my husband and I were nervous first time buyers and so had endless patience, taking time to meet or call to talk through all stages of the process. We couldn’t thank him or recommend him enough!

by Hsu Ying

I met Adam in 2010 when I bought a flat in Limehouse. I looked at about 30 flats with him before finding one that I liked, which I lived in for three years and rented out for four years. He was a really good agent and helped me find something that I probably wouldn't have even looked at otherwise (it was a 1-bed but large and convertible into a 2-bed). In December 2017, the time came to sell the flat and I got in touch with Adam again. Adam arranged viewings and I soon accepted an offer. The sale was not straightforward as retrospective planning permission was needed - fortunately, Adam was great at keeping the buyer happy and getting the deal done. It sold in November 2018. I’ve been delighted with the service I’ve received from Adam and would definitely recommend Dockleys.

by Tom Legge

Adam and his team at Dockleys could not have provided a better service. I’m a first time buyer with little knowledge about property or anything to do with it. Having approached Adam about looking for a property he began with immediately jumping on a call and talking to me about my goals and aspirations within the property market, he then took the lead and did literally everything for me. And what can I say other than the nail was definitely hit on the head! He found the perfect investment property and then passed me onto his team. The customer service then continued at the high standard that Adam had set. With consistent help at anytime of the day, ensuring that I had done everything I needed, I could not be more pleased! What a team. They are changing the face of what the modern estate agent should be. Could not be more.

by Lee Carder